Browsing the Indies…continued

This post, I’m continuing my celebration of independent bookstores with images from two favorites in the south. Although each shop is unique, they share a love and respect for the written word.  Books and Books is a terrific store with locations in Coral Gables and in Miami Beach, Florida. You can find them on the web at

Lemuria Books is located in Jackson, Mississippi (home of the late Eudora Welty). Lemuria offers all the strengths of an independent…plus a serious knowledge of southern literature. Check out their blog and signed first editions club at And if you find yourself in Jackson, I recommend picking up a copy of Suzanne Marrs’s biography, Eudora Welty at Lemuria…treating yourself to a tour of Ms. Welty’s lovely home, and then toasting her with a glass of Maker’s Mark (her drink of choice).

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