Read the Book! Terry Gilliam, Make this Movie…Please!

This is a time of great transition. I’m moving from writer to published novelist. From author to marketer. My novel is completed. Now the work REALLY gets underway.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be working with Blank Slate Press to get my book noticed by readers, reviewers, booksellers, librarians, and anyone else we can think of. I mentioned in an earlier post that Blank Slate has already launched an Internet campaign. But that’s not all.

As part of our effort, we’ve created a book trailer.

Book trailers—(think “coming attractions” at the movies) are created to offer an introduction to a book and its author. These little films are dazzlingly diverse—and a few are just plain dazzling. Some are as slick as Hollywood films; others fall more into the guerilla camp. For my trailer, I’ve chosen to read sections from my book, supported by an artist’s interpretation of the text. The images are evocative and moving. I’m deeply indebted to the talented people who made this trailer possible.  I’ve reposted the video…the first had almost 150 views…but this one is high def.  If you go to YouTube (, you can choose HD by pressing on the 240p/369p/480p in the lower right under the image area and choosing 720p.  I recommend choosing at the least the 480p. Otherwise just watch it here, but make it full screen by pressing the four arrows.  You can reduce the size of the image at any time by hitting the esc key on your keyboard.

To view my book trailer, go to:

Then…sit back…and for the next seven minutes…I’m going to tell you a story—parts of a story at least…about a man who danced with gravity.

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4 Responses to Read the Book! Terry Gilliam, Make this Movie…Please!

  1. I really enjoyed the trailer. You should send the book to Gilliam! You’ve got nothing to lose! I’m sure he probably has a pile of scripts from people, but that is how he made Tideland — someone sent him the novel 😉

  2. Mary Jane Kieffer says:

    I`m going to tell my book club about this book and suggest they look at the trailer. Let me know when this becomes available at the library and maybe you can come talk to us.
    Best of luck, Anene.

    • anenewrites says:

      Oh Mary Jane it’s so good to hear from you!!!! I’ll definitely keep you posted. And I’d love to come talk to your book club too–if they want that.

      Stay safe in this big winter storm that’s coming!! XOXO

  3. Rosemary says:

    Hi Anne! Thanks so much for stopping by little piece of the web. My jaw hung open as I read all our little coincidences. Not sure if I mentioned this on a recent post, but one of the rooms in our house is a dedicated recording studio for my husband and his musically inclined friends. 🙂 Congrats on your book–and I agree w/TheRealGilliamFan; send it away!

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