Reading Groups Welcome!

Dancing With Gravity is out in the world and I’m gratified by the interest and positive reviews it’s been generating. I’m also delighted that book groups have contacted me to ask if I’d attend at their meetings as they discuss my novel. My answer: I’d be delighted!

As a writer I want to connect with my readers. I hope I do that through my work. And when I have the opportunity to do that in person as well, count me “in.”

Reading—for me—is an intensely important experience. I read poetry and prose for the pure pleasure of the writing. I read for story. Or to gain insight.  To come into contact with characters that affect me—positively or negatively. I think that we read, many of us, so that we can connect with something outside ourselves. To discover that we are not alone in the world—because in reading we find others who feel and think as we do. Maybe we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves because we encounter characters we do not relate to—in fact, characters we actively dislike. And we ask why.

Still, tackling a novel can be a daunting undertaking. So I’ve called upon some trusted sources to create a list of BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS. It’s a new menu item on this blog and I’m delighted to share it. If your group is reading my novel and you’re searching for questions to get the discussion going, take a look at these. They’re listed by category. Please use anything that helps you. Also, feel free to add your own questions as well.

So if you’d like an extra guest when your group sits down to discuss Dancing With Gravity, please contact me—through this blog, or through my publisher, Blank Slate Press ( I’d be delighted to meet you. One thing your group can count on: I’ve read the book.

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