Not A Coupon Exactly…

It seems that book groups are discovering Dancing With Gravity—for which I am very, very grateful. I wrote last week about the discussion questions now posted on my blog as a separate menu item. Of course you don’t need to use them, but if you’d like to choose a few, I guarantee they’ll help get the conversation started. So maybe you’re thinking, ‘Dancing With Gravity sounds like the right choice for my group. I think I’ll recommend it at our next meeting.’ Well don’t answer yet! There’s more!

Blank Slate Press has put together very special BOOK CLUB KITS. These kits include copies of my book for every member of your group. Books are available in hardback, trade paper or e-book formats—and are offered at a discount for group orders. And THERE’S MORE!  Your books are contained in a lovely tote bag that features artwork or quotes from Dancing With Gravity. AND you’ll find a special book-related gift inside too (it’s a surprise, and it varies with every club). But before you pick up the phone (or rush to the keyboard to order online…consider THIS: If you’d like to have the author present (that’s me) at your discussion, I’ll try my very best to make that happen. You can contact me through this blog or through Blank Slate Press. All at no additional cost! (Take that Ginsu Knives!)

To order BOOK CLUB KITS for your group, go to and follow the prompts. And just in case you’re not convinced, consider this: Not only will I sign your books while I’m there…but I’ve also been known to show up with terrific cookies from Missouri Bakery!

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