Those Tags Really Work!

Ever wonder if tags on your posts really work? Let me share my own recent example. On July 16th, I read from my debut novel, Dancing With Gravity, at the Iowa City Book Festival. We recorded my reading and posted it on YouTube with tags that included mention of the festival.  Within twenty-four hours, staff at Iowa’s Public Access TV (PATV Channel 18) contacted me through YouTube and asked permission to offer the segment to their viewers. Of course, I said yes. I was thrilled with the opportunity to reach PATV’s audience.  And I’m taking the lesson to heart. In the world of the Internet, reaching millions of people is literally possible. But they have to find you first. Respect the tag!

If you’d like to view my reading, you can find it on the PATV website using the link below:


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1 Response to Those Tags Really Work!

  1. Gwen Beasley says:

    I viewed your reading, and I must say it felt like I was transported back in time to English class where you read aloud quite often to us. Loved hearing your voice again after all these years. I really do need to go out and purchase your book. Sounds like a really good read.
    Smock Beasley

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