Podcast Update

I recently had the pleasure of sitting for an interview with Lori Randall, creator of Literally Social, a website to help writers navigate the virtual world we live in. Lori is a terrific resource for our digital age…so whether you’re new to social media or comfortable with the change-a-minute pace of “new” media, Literally Social has something to offer. The podcast of our interview appears today on Lori’s site. Here’s the link:


And check out Lori’s previous and future guests: She’s interviewing a range of authors who share their wisdom and insights about connecting writer and reader in our media-driven world.

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1 Response to Podcast Update

  1. Hi Anene! Thank you so much for interviewing with me! Your savvy concerning how to handle unfair, negative reviews online is crucial for any author. Here’s the link to today’s post with your interview: http://literallysocial.net/2011/09/06/award-winning-author-anene-tressler-reviews-some-rare-social-media-savvy/

    Thanks again for sharing!! Many people will have better experiences because of it.

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